When a Toddler Pricks His toes on Furniture

Dealing with a toddler or baby who has been hurt is never fun for you or the child and many toddler will bump into your furniture causing them grief. But how you react can make the situation move in a completely different direction.

Most people instinctively react in a frightened or horrified manner when a small child is hurt, and that’s understandable. But that reaction makes the child become frightened. He or she doesn’t know what just happened, only that something now hurts, and the child is looking at everyone nearby for help. If you react as if the worst has happened, the child will assume the worst has happened and start crying.

You have to get past the gut reaction of “This is terrible!” and start reacting as if everything will be OK. In other words, if a small child who is learning to walk falls down, for example, and gets a bruise, don’t freak out.

Meet the child’s gaze and smile reassuringly. You can say comforting things about how it will all be OK and everything is fine if you want. Remember that the child wants to know that what just happened isn’t going to get worse or become a really scary thing, and if you come over and let them know that he or she is going to be just fine, the child will be less likely to start screaming.

Make sure the child is actually OK; for example, if he or she hit a knee on a table, look at the injury and take care of any scrapes, bruises, or other injuries. But take the attitude that everything’s going to be fine and all is well. That will keep the child much calmer.